The Dolomitici Manifesto

We are a group of eleven winemakers, united by friendship, solidarity and by a common vision: the valorisation of the originality and diversity in Trentino wine-growing, while respecting shared production ethics.

For us this means developing and encouraging:
The production of wine of authentic expression
The history and traditions of the territory where we work
Our pride in being growers and vintners
Protection and respect for nature
The exchange of experience and sharing the knowledge of each member
Meeting those who can help the growth of a culture of transparency, naturalness and of authentic expression of the agricultural action
Communication to others of our common values
The growth of originality and individuality in all the members of our group.

When healthy wine-growing allows the vine its full expression, the fruit will express its authenticity; consequently technology in the winery (and the standardised tastes that it leads to) will become useless, the wine will maintain its original taste and its attitude for natural evolution.
Every day we seek to adapt our agriculture to the character of the vintage, avoiding all forms of forcing.
So our work tends to favour:

In vigneto

  • the natural life of the soil and its valorisation
  • equilibrium
  • the complexity of the vines by plant selection
  • the return and development of biodiversity in the Trentino wine growing countryside
  • sustainable and long-lasting wine-growing, conscious of its important social and collective role

In cantina

  • harvesting ripe grapes that can transfer to the wine the characteristics of the vintage
  • the expression of the characteristics of the harvest vinification
  • a healthy wine, a true expression of the territory, of the vineyard, of the year and of the producer’s concepts.