Some years ago I realised that I had to do something different from just working in a winery.

I needed a project to complete my working life. This idea led me to create my own company and now together with Ivana we have in the Vallagarina 5 hectares of vineyard, some rented and some our own property.

I like to think that the territory where I live and work lets me develop many ideas that in the past I didn’t have at all; and this makes me sorry I lost so much time in leaving the vortex of globalisation. So when I had the chance to be part of the “Dolomitici” group I saw the possibility of following a different philosophy, believing that with help of others I could take that route and change. With the group I share as well as friendship that common philosophy that brings us to a project of quality and protection of our environment.

Sometimes I’m asked what quality is, or what an important wine is; and I answer that I try to let my wine interpret the land where I live and my soul, believing this to be the note of distinction between one wine and another. Technology in the winery is just the basic support to this. Despite many years of work, I still have much to learn, and it’s work on the land that teaches us humility towards our surroundings and appreciation of what we might take for granted.

I Vini


IGT Vallagarina
Lagrein-Enantio-Teroldego Bordeaux: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc Merlot A small amount of Tempranillo
1.7 ha
Altitudine vigneto
200 metres asl
Limestone with good presence of silt
7000 kg/ha
In red
In barrique for 15 months then aging in bottle for 12 months
Bottiglie prodotte