We have the luck to live and work in a house that’s both a home and a winery, overlooking the town of Rovereto from the area called Bosco della Città. We’re surrounded by five acres of vineyard dedicated to Pinot Nero, with another five acres of high forest.

We’re very fond of our Pinot Nero vines, so decided to produce just this single type of wine; convinced too that Pinot Nero perfectly expresses the local territory and our own feelings for the land and its wine-making traditions.

Guided by this idea, we follow carefully the whole chain of development of our vines, grapes and wine; but with vineyard management and vinification so simple as to be both ancient and modern together.

Our vineyard practices have always been in harmony with nature and have been bio-certified since 2001. To help the vines maintain balanced growth and best express the characteristics of the area and of the vintage, we apply various agronomic techniques, according to needs: deep ploughing, manual soil treatment, extracts and preparations for both vines and soil. We are also careful to help develop and maintain the biodiversity in the area, as to both flora and fauna.

To ensure equilibrium for the vines and the quality of our wine, production does not exceed four thousand litres per hectare.

Vinification is in open oak vats, with spontaneous fermentation, respecting tradition. The grape bunches are partly de-stemmed and the only other operation is to remix the cap. After fermentation the wine is aged in oak barrels of size 220 litres for 18 months, in our cellars dating from the end of the eighteenth century.

I Vini

Pinot nero

IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti
Pinot Nero
1.8 ha
Altitudine vigneto
400 m asl
Medium terrain, slightly alkaline, low calcium
5-6000 kg/ha
Spontaneous fermentation in open oak vats, with cap remix
In oak barrels size 225 litres, for 18 months
Bottiglie prodotte
Bio-certified grapes