Here comes the Ciso !

05 March, 2012

At the nex Vinitaly, Ciso, the wine of the Dolomitici will be on tasting !

Narciso, known as “Ciso”, is the name of the farmer who gave us the vineyard of “Lambrusco a foglia frastagliata” that we farm as a group. It is to him that we want to dedicate this wine; he is a symbol of true farming wisdom. Attuned to his land, he restored greater biodiversity in this plot by farming corn, tobacco, wheat, pumpkins and beans between the vine rows. This vineyard was handed over to us intact, after over 100 years, harbouring an ancient grape variety that is deeply connected to the Trentino region. The vineyard was planted at the beginning of the twentieth century and counts 727 ungrafted “Lambrusco a foglia frastagliata” vine plants. I Dolomitici have decided to maintain the vineyard and to produce a wine that expresses the essence of this ancient grape variety and whose taste reflects the land in which these ancient roots plunge. Grape variety: Lambrusco a foglia frastagliata (“Jagged leaf” Lambrusco) – also known as “zicolada” or “‘mbrosca”. Vineyard: Town of Avio loc. Mama d’Avio, alluvial soil, double pergola with ungrafted vines over 100 years old. 3000 bottles and 150 magnums were produced for the 2010 vintage.

This is the label of Ciso.

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