We are a group of ten winemakers, united by friendship, solidarity and by a common vision: the valorisation of the originality and diversity in Trentino wine-growing, while respecting shared production ethics.

Vinitaly 2013

04 April 2013

Here you will find us at the Vinitaly or other exibitions around Verona Vinitaly Hall 3 Stand F3 Cesconi Elisabetta Dalzocchio Maso Furli Vignaiolo Fanti Vinitaly ViVit Hall 11 Elisabetta Foradori stand 68 Vilar stand 13 Castel Noarna stand 21 Cerea ViniVeri 06-08 aprile Pedrotti Giuseppe Eugenio Rosi Villa Favorita – Vinnatur – Sarego(Vi) –

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Ciso on Slow Wine 2013

13 November 2012

The story about Ciso and i Dolomitici arrived also in the Slow Wine 2013 guide by Slow Food.